How to write the best Brief for your provider







In the creative world a good Brief is key to understanding the brand you represent, your wish list for the show and your identity as a company..

The better the brief is written the more accurate your providers will be with their offer. (And they will not disturb you with questions).
So what is the important thing for us as your provider to know?
I broke it down to a number of questions you should ask yourself and share with your provider:
Firstly it's important to know the "bland" details of your company just so we can get to know you.
Who are you?
a short company description about you and your products.
What would you say that represents you as a company? Are you youthful or A veteran company for example, are you innovative or old fashion? These help brighten up the picture in the designers eyes.
What is your experience with exhibitions? Have you participated in the past? What was your moto then and what did you learn to do/ not to do from your experience.

Once we understand your brand we want to go deep into the specific show details:
We always want to know the booth size and venue location. It matters.
Budget- many people don’t like answering this question however it is more than important in our field. Why? There is a difference between Jimmy Choo shoes and NB sneakers Even though their both just a pair of shoes right?

Let us know your functional needs seating, storage, product showcase etc.
Think interactive- interesting activities? Will always help you stand out
Will you be attending your visitors with beverages/ food/ giveaway?

We always recommend staying under one concept with all things related to the booth.
Explain about your target audience and your competitors
We always recommend our clients to think ahead, plan your booth for a few exhibitions at a time and save time and money for your company

Any questions?
We would love to share our experience with you