Forgeting to send invitations?







So you decided to participate in an exhibition abroad. You invested a great deal of resources in renting your booth area, designing a stunning and attractive pavilion, sending your sales team- flights, hotels, restaurants and more … but you did not worry about informing the relevant visitors that you will be attending the exhibition? It's like planning a big party – and forgetting to send invitations.

A marketing campaign to promote your participation in the exhibition is an opportunity to attract potential customers to your booth and to create a consistent message and image according to your target audience.

Recent studies show that 76 percent of exhibition visitors come with a predetermined agenda, meaning they plan ahead of time which booth they want to visit and what they want to achieve. Promoting and publishing your participation in the exhibition will significantly increase your chances of getting a place on the customer's visit list.

The promotion campaign can achieve three goals:

  • Arrange scheduled meetings with potential customers in advance.
  • Enable interaction with potential clients and promote visits to the booth.
  • Increase the recall of your services and products

There are many ways to promote your presence in the exhibition, including:

  • Direct mailing to potential customers
  • Email marketing campaign
  • Social media activity (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Mobile marketing campaign
  • PR
  • Advertising
  • Sponsorship

set your goals and Use as many marketing opportunities you can to achieve it. doing so, make sure your promotional activities are varied but consistent with the messages they convey.

When building your campaign, consider:

  • Pre-exhibition marketing activity
  • Marketing activity during the exhibition
  • Marketing activity at the end of the exhibition

We at Kedmon-Brin look at the whole picture.

in view of the needs we have identified with our customers over the years, we have developed a package of complementary products that provide solutions to everything around the booth itself. Before, during, and after the exhibition.