Zeevik, Uri and the Kadmon-Brin team,
I would like to thank you for your work at the OPTI-2014 exhibition. We were excited to see the wonderful pavilion on its way to becoming  the busiest booth  in the exhibition.
With Uri's unparalleled planning, he designed us an amazing booth, one  that we were proud of and attracted the attention of everyone around.
Thanks to the professional staff who built the booth, they were able to solve every problem that appeared on our way in a few minutes and eventually the booth was ready before time, clean (with extra cleaning products in our storage just in case). Thank you to Zeevik for the close escort, thank you for helping me solve all the problems (not that there were a lot of problems to solve) and thanks to your experienced team
There is no doubt that I had the right to work with you and it is clear to me and the entire team at Fair Marketing that we will continue to work together for a long time

VP Business Development