how did we increase our clients incoming leads by 500%!







how did we increase our clients incoming leads by 500% in one exhibition

imagine a machine that can provide you with hundreds of leads in each exhibition you participate.

sounds like a dream? let us surprise you

one of our loyal clients -Palram which always likes to challenge us asked to build an impressive booth which will not only enhance their brand. they also asked increase the number of leads the generate , while maintaining a quality control to filter any irrelevant ones during and after the show.

since we love a good challenge we put together a team made of our sharpest brains and a mobile gaming company . together we built a custom app which will generate and filter leads during and after exhibition days.

what did we actually do here?
we used an existing mobile game , branded it for Palram, custom built 2 game station inside the booth, on brand and on theme with the general design Idea, offered great giveaways  and invited the visitors to play.

within minutes from the opening and until the very last hour Palram booth was packed with people creating long lines, people actually waited to get a glance at what's going on.

What so unique here? And how did this make their sales team work more efficient?

You can filter and locate exactly the people you are looking for

 (CEO, Purchasing Manager or any other job you define), and deliver the information in real time to the salesperson at the booth

At any given moment, the system knows how to produce an orderly report with the details of all visitors at the pavilion. At the end of the exhibition, the system knows how to produce an organized Excel report and filter it according to different cuts.

the result: 1014 leads in 3 days , 280 leads were decision makers and most potential clients

due to our great success we tried our "lead machine" with 2 more clients, the results were amazing!