Design Inspirations

Designing and building pavilions for exhibitions is a real form of art. It requires originality, high designing intelligence, the ability to listen and understand a client and their product, and most of all – out-of-the-box thinking. The real mastery is the ability to turn a pumpkin into a carriage, get an empty space and turn it into a room full of magic and power, delivering a clear message and attracting the crowd and potential clients.

The team of designers of Kadmon Brin is one of the most experienced ones in Israel. It includes some of the best professionals out there. The specialty of our designers is customized designs, adapted to the customer’s needs, as well as to the type of the crowd and the exhibition. Eventually, this will deliver the perfect, most effective pavilion – any where in the world.

Inspirations for these designs come from almost anywhere and anytime, the real skill is to take in a unique idea and atmosphere and being able to translate them into a new and original design. When creating pavilions, one must keep an open mind and consider each and every detail provided regarding the product and the company, while deeply considering the raw materials and the characteristics of the product and especially the branding and marketing strategy that was put in it. Smart and accurate pavilion design will draw the attention of a large crowd, aid making sales and establishing business connections.


Kadmon Brin put their trust in few principles;

  •  Uncompromised quality –  at Kadmon Brin we use the best raw materials of the highest quality in order to ensure strong and powerful experience.
  • Original designs that will be carved into the memory of your customers and will get positive responses.
  •  Service and professionalism – the design and construction team of Kadmon Brin will accompany you anywhere in Israel and abroad, helping you to achieve the finest results.


You’re welcome to check out some of our works for the biggest companies in the Israeli and international market!

Kadmon Brin – inspirations for unique booths

Company name: PALRAM
Field of Activity: Thermoplastic panels manufacturing, composed of polycarbonate and PVC.
Exhibition: Euroshop

The brief: Presenting the company’s products to a wide audience, from construction and agriculture representatives and up to the private sector – DIY, with plenty of completed products for a self-assembly.
The inspiration: A whole world of creativity – composed of the company’s products.
The idea: Creating an impressive concept for attracting a wide audience and collecting highly qualitative leads by designing a small room inspired by the Candyshop idea, where everything is turned upside down. The visitor can look around, leave their contact details and even take a picture and get a cool magnet as a gift.


Company name: Taptica
Field of Activity: mobile advertisement
Exhibition: MWC – mobile world congress

The brief: Transcending the company’s spirit of innovation and progress by using raw material that changes every year.
The inspiration: Plexiglas raw material
The idea: due to the demand to use different material during every exhibition year, we’ve decided to choose plexiglass as a base. We designed the booth  in a way that reflects the colorfulness of the brand, in order to stand out among the variety of booths, while keeping a representative and pleasant appearance. The colorful plexiglass is the perfect pick for this purpose.

The use of colorful dices creates interesting space with a play of transparency and hues while addressing the language of the brand and paying attention to the tiniest details of the booth – even the books in the library were custom designed to enhance their globalism.

Makor Haformaika

Company name: Makor Haformaika
Field of Activity: Importing, manufacturing and marketing decorative wood panels for design, furniture and kitchen industries in Israel
Exhibition: This booth was showcased in various exhibitions around the world

The brief: Transcending the look and the feel of abundance and variety in the selection of color and the pattern of the wooden panels.
The inspiration: Multi-colored fan
The idea: Creating a booth, based on the company’s products in different hues.

Gat foods

Company name: Gat foods
Field of Activity: Highly qualitative raw materials for the global beverage industry – developing, manufacturing and marketing.
Exhibition: An exhibition in Seoul on the subject of Food Innovation

The brief: Unique representation of the latest developments and innovations of the brand, while emphasizing branding and creating prominence.
The inspiration: The high-quality beverages created by the brand
The idea: Designing a booth by using pleasant waveforms, illustrating the flow of the drinks, while using the colorfulness of the brand and their products.